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John Downes

Over the past 30 years, John has built a reputation as one of Australia’s premier artisan bakers and foremost wholefood specialists. John is regarded as the father of modern Australian sourdough bread and a pioneer in the wholefood movement. He has authored several books, including the Australian culinary classic, Natural Tucker: Traditional Eastern & Wholefood Cooking, and the Natural Tucker Bread Book. John’s calling to provide wholesome, delicious and nourishing wholefoods has led him on on a life long journey, encompassing everything from cooking for the Prime Minister of Australia to establishing a string of successful and innovative bakeries and restaurants all over Australia. John has been the the subject of numerous articles and has recently appeared on the ABC’s Cook & The Chef with Simon Bryant.

The Fleurieu Peninsula is known the world over as one of Australia’s foremost wine and gourmet food regions and following in this tradition, John has returned to his home town of Willunga, South Australia where he has developed his range of handcrafted artisan cereals and bars.

Original Cereal Company sees John bring his innate
understanding of traditional baking methods and wholegrains to craft a unique range of cereals which provide real nourishment without all the additives and refind sugar found in most cereal today; whilst making use of a range of Indigenous South Australia ingredients never before seen in a cereal.

Jacobus & Caroline
Caroline and Jacobus
Soon after getting to know John and falling in love with his sourdough bread at the Willunga Farmers Market in South Australia, Caroline and Jacobus joined him in creating and marketing a uniquely Australian range of Artisan Cereals & Bars. They all share a passion for traditional organic foods with an uncompromising adherance to wholefood principals, sustainability and quality.
A long time advocate of organic foods and sustainable lifestyle, Caroline has worked in the hospitality and retail fields for years, both in Australia and Europe where she managed a major international restaurant. Caroline is in charge of Original Cereal Company's day to day operations, marketing and distribution.
Jacobus is a passionate believer in the importance of good food and integral role it plays in supporting body and mind. With a background in philosophy, design and law, he is responsible for marketing, legals, packaging and whatever else needs doing!

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