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Original Cereal Company produces a range on uniquely Australian handcrafted artisan cereals and bars. Our products are created by the father of modern Australian sourdough bread and renowned whole-food specialist, John Downes.

Created in the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, each of our cereals has been specifically formulated to taste delicious, without all of the added sugar, preservatives, chemicals and fillers found in most cereal today. We do not produce muesli. Most muesli's are put together from a variety of difficult to digest ingredients which drain your body of energy while it struggles to break them down. Original Cereal Company Artisan Cereals have been specially formulated and lovingly prepared to work with your body, not against it.
Each ingredient has a unique role and has been selected to ensure that our cereal is easy to digest and bioavailable. Incorporated throughout our range is wide assortment of wildcrafted native Australian bushfoods never before used in a breakfast cereal. Our first preference is to use locally grown, organic and biodynamic ingredients. Artisan Cereal is available in five delicious varieties

Tasting Australia
Artisan Cereals and Bars Contain: No Added Sugar, No Wheat, No Dairy, No Preservatives, No Empty Fillers, No Additives, No Sulphur, No Chemicals & are Not Cooked In Oil!

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